Hey technical writer! How are you adding value?

Bombardier Aerospace, part of the global transportation concern, is considering a report recommending the outsourcing the technical publications and information unit to India- which means about 350 people may be losing their jobs. People like YOU - writers, editors, publication coordinators, clerks ... This is the new reality, folks. If you perform a routine task day in and day out, your job is likely at risk. And don't trust management to level with you about possible outsourcing decisions. As the Globe tells us today, a Bombardier VP in customer support wouldn't even admit the report existed until his staff confronted him with copies.

But look on the bright side. Experience has proven that, given an opportunity to balance demand and supply, the modern capitalist economy will arrive at an average wage for skills such as writing, research and phone babysitting higher than that currently being paid to Indians.

Unfortunately, that takes twenty to thirty years, and the average will still likely be lower than existing wages in North America and Europe.