The thicker the pen, the deeper the sentiment

A rule to remember, even if you're hopping mad about your coverage in the press: always keep your communications professional, well-considered and well-presented. Take, for instance, a recent letter to the editor of Marketing:

    "In a recent letter to Marketing, Nestle Rowntree managing director Chris White pointed out that sales of Kit Kat are, in fact, doing rather well.

    I say 'letter', but in truth it was a three-line felt-tip scrawl, faxed to us, asking why 'you guys never report the good news', accompanied by an equally hastily clipped regional newspaper article about the brand's bounce back." (sub. req.)

There's a backstory to the Marketing-Nestle relationship, and the rest of the Marketing piece is quite well-balanced.

In my drawer, I still have a news release that was faxed back to an old office with the words "TAKE ME OFF YOUR STUPID MAILING LIST!!!" written in black marker across the page.