The "Go-to Guy" for Six Flags Over Lincoln

The Washington Post tells us about some historians getting their knickers in a knot about the new gimmicks at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum - including 1860 tv campaign ads.

    The whole thing is enough to make John Y. Simon's skin crawl.

    Simon ... teaches history at Southern Illinois University... Ever since he read about the life-size figures of Lincoln and his contemporaries that BRC will be installing in dioramas throughout the museum, he's been the go-to guy for outraged sound bites.

    ... "Six Flags Over Lincoln," he calls the whole enterprise, and "the modern equivalent of the old wax museum," not to mention "Las Vegas East." Children already see plenty of Disneyfied things, Simon believes, and are more likely to be moved "by the authentic, by grandeur, by spectacle." ...

I don't know about that. One exhibit in particular has been designed in Holavision�, and I'm sure there will be dozens of preschoolers expecting an appearance by Dora the Explorer.