The young publicist - and his outrageous fashion sense

Hey, are you a PR parent? Maybe an Uncle Flack or an Auntie Publicist? Have you ever re-gifted schwag for your nephew, niece or cousin? This is the book for you. The Boy Who Cried Fabulous, by Lesléa Newman.

In addition to having a wonderfully cheery and positive disposition, little Roger may be a little ... Patty?

    "Newman need not mention the G-word, but when little Roger stops a woman on the street to say, "What a fabulous purse, it's simply divine!" we all know exactly where he's coming from. (That's right, kid: When Mom shouts, "Go straight -- straight to class," just stick to being fabulous instead, and everything will be just fine.)" (EastBayExpress)

Of course, if you're a complete nut, you might not like this book.