Scratch n'Sniff Marketing

You should really take a look at Millward Brown's international research into the sensory impressions imparted by brands. Are you speaking to ALL the senses of your consumer or client? Has your marketing team even considered the sense of smell, sound or touch in its planning process? Come on - it's not a joke. This is about more than just the new fresia body wash at Lush, the waterfall scent being peddled by your cleaning supplies wholesaler, or the latest in-store music channel. Are you overlooking an essential component when setting the stage for consumer interaction with your product?

Promotions and Incentives has reviewed this research and highlights some stunning results:

    "...a whopping 42 per cent of consumers say McDonald�s smells like old oil. Even the sound is problematic. A large number of consumers felt the McDonald�s brand reminded them of screaming kids and, believe it or not, the beep-beep sounds of a truck backing up. These perceptions hardly augur well for the burger chain."

In some cases, marketers are working to implement similar insights: machines are already being developed to deliver custom smells and sounds to customers in specific situations.

Now, if they could do something about your outside sales guy's fondness for Drakkar Noir.