Takeaway from the Auletta/Thaler smooch job

Ken Auletta has nary a negative word to say about Linda Kaplan Thaler in this week's New Yorker. A takeaway paragraph:

    "In many ways, the advertising business in the early twenty-first century would be unrecognizable to the generation that once thrived on Madison Avenue. The traditional assumption, as Keith Reinhard says, was that advertisers chose the time and place of a “one-way show-and-tell” ad. The consumer was a captive audience.

    Today, advertisers chase consumers with a certain air of desperation. “It’s not just about looking pretty anymore,” Linda Kaplan Thaler says. “There are all these beautiful products out there. You need a lot more personality to get the date.”

Thaler plans to expand her personal brand by hosting "a gentler version of Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” for Oxygen, called “Making It Big." Set to air in May, "she said that it would be great publicity for the agency— 'like doing a new business pitch.'" Oxygen? That's like playing in the Dominican League - there's a lot of talent, but not a lot of spectators.