Placements in contemporary music? Say it isn't so!

BusinessWeek's David Kiley is surprised that music acts - including rappers - would consider McDonald's new campaign to integrate friendly commentary in their songs. Where has he been the last five (or fifty)years?

    "... Maven executives say they have received numerous songs for consideration. McDonald's gets final approval of song lyrics. Yipes!!! What happened to the anti-establishment rappers? Is it all about the money and nothing else now? Is this really the spirit of Tupac?..."

Tupac? Once your music hits the Billboard 100, I think you're all about the money. And if you're P. Diddy, you're smart enough to start thinking about brand extensions - extensions that don't involve an "upsizing with a coupon."

Anyway - why should we be indignant about an industry that has long sold itself out in the name of filthy, horrible lucre? (to be lustfully muttered in a C. Montogmery Burns voice) After all, where was the uproar when Van Halen's "Right Now" was used to promote the lame Crystal Pepsi?

I don't know how that could have failed. "Can I get a rum and Crystal Pepsi?" "Hey Baby. Can I get you a Crystal Pepsi? "Watcha drinking? Ah, Crystal Pepsi."