To Prince Charles, the media seems all thorns, no roses

Is Prince Charles less aware of his environment than Chauncey Gardiner? Mark Bolland, Prince Charles' former deputy private secretary, seems to believe so, and has slammed Clarence House's approach to media relations in the Guardian today:

    "One of the Prince of Wales's problems - and it's a problem that's unique to him in the royal family - is the extent to which he is remote from public opinion. He doesn't read the newspapers, he doesn't watch television news, and he doesn't even really see letters that people write to him," said Mr Bolland.

    ... this aloofness leaves Prince Charles isolated from the British people who may one day be his subjects: "I think it's a strange position when you have an heir to the throne who you feel is more out of touch than his mother, who's 20-odd years older."