Paradigm? Low hanging fruit? 80 lashes of the cane!

Wouldn't be great if you some formal judicial process existed to prosecute (or even just persecute) lazy writers dependent upon tired cliches and poorly constructed analogies? The Minor Fall, The Major Lift has taken a shot at what such an indictment would look like:

    1. The defendant STRAWBERRY SAROYAN is a writer or “journalist” who was contracted to provide THE LOS ANGELES TIMES with a standard fame-limbo-resurrection profile of the screenwriter Shane Black.

    2. On or about May 1, 2005, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES did knowingly publish said piece, under the execrable and obvious headline “The end of a fade for Black.” ...

    5. Defendant SAROYAN, in paragraph eight, violated the rule against mixing metaphors, with the following: “…Black seemed to be grasping at straws, throwing out pieces of the puzzle but unsure of how they fit together.”

The entire entry is worth a read.