Jacko Trial Media Co-ordinator

Why didn't the j-school career counsellor mention this job? Peter Shaplen is the Little Bo Beep to the media sheep outside the Jacko trial in California:

    ... He negotiates the so-called "asphalt fees" charged by Santa Barbara County to the assembled pack that allows them to stand in the courtroom car park (these began at the princely sum of $7,500 per day, but Shaplen haggled the county down to $1,500 a day when it became clear that fewer hacks than expected were showing up for the hearing. TV companies now pay $325 per day each and newspapers $14.)

    Shaplen also choreographs the legal analysts speaking to the pool camera, lets photographers and camera crews know where Jackson is and when he is due to arrive so they can prepare their shots, co-ordinates the question of the day to lob at Jacko in the eight seconds it takes for him to walk from car to courtroom door, doles out the seven courtroom press seats available daily, helps the foreign media apply for credentials, explains which rules they have broken when they are yanked out of the courtroom by bailiffs, ensures that journalists comply with the rigid decorum orders of Judge Melville, and organises a Monday night dinner for reporters. For this, he is paid $750 a day by the US television networks." (Guardian, r.r.)

Here's an archived LATimes bio on Shaplen.