Those wacky Parson's MFA projects

Finally! Garanimals for Nerds! Chantal Mora's project at Parson's is the digitalwardrobe :

    "... I hope to demonstrate how users might regain control of imposed technology systems by harnessing it as a tool to track the transitory narratives in our daily fashion choices.

    This project consists of an RFID tracking system, a database, and an interface. As clothing is worn, the RFID system records it, the database stores it, and the interface visualizes it. The system will allow users to view the data in an environment where new relationships between wearer, object and wardrobe will exposed."

Too Bad. Looks like the Economist and Marks and Sparks were working around the same idea - a year ago. Oh - and IDEO in 2001.

In a different project, Manuel Lima, an MFA candidate at Parson's, is attempting to dig into how topics and memes spread through the online world with a program called BlogViz.

    "Blogviz is a flash driven visualization model for mapping the transmission and internal structure of top links across the blogosphere. It explores the idea of meme propagation by assuming a parallel with the spreading of most cited URLs in daily weblog entries."

You can track some his thoughts about the project on his blog.

I'm more interested in Sangita Shah's work on "diabeates" though.