Michelin Man - a hard drinking kind of mascot

Fortune takes a look at the evolution of the Michelin Man - who, you may not realize, is a bit of a party animal.

    "To this day his official name is Bibendum, the Latin gerundive meaning "drinking to be done." The name comes from the first series of posters featuring him, which bore the Latin legend Nunc est bibendum—"Now is the time to drink"—and depicted the tire man hoisting a champagne goblet filled with nails and broken glass, sometimes garnished with a horseshoe. The seemingly tortured conceit, as the ad copy spelled out, was that "Michelin tires drink up obstacles"—i.e., they wouldn’t puncture easily."

The antique Michelin Man poster found above courtesy of Vintage Arte (it's always cooler with an extra "e").

Bibendum also makes a larger-than-life appearance as a mosaic in Michelin's former UK headquarters - first opened in 1911.