From the Houses of Parliament to the House of Pancakes

I have to admit I haven't spent much time wondering what Sheila Copps has been doing with her time after leaving politics. Not much, it turns out.

    "A former deputy prime minister and long-time cabinet minister, Ms. Copps didn't run in the 2004 election after a nasty battle in which she lost her riding to Government House Leader Tony Valeri.

    Instead, she dabbled in a little acting. She made her debut last October playing the role of Clairee Belcher in the play Steel Magnolias at a dinner theatre at the Howard Johnson's in Kingston. She received mixed reviews." (Globe & Mail)

Now, I don't have anything against amateur theatre. Some of my best relatives are amateur actors. But wouldn't you expect a little more from a formidable politician who, two years ago, was battling to lead the government of Canada?