Ad Copy: from the 10pm rerun on TBS to Lee Iacocca's lips

Slate notes that Seinfeld references are popping up in television advertising, whether it's a catchphrase like "They're real and they're spectacular," a Seinfeld character like George Costanza, or a recurring actor like Ping Wu.

    "Seinfeld writers haven't seen a dime in the way of royalties, and Peter Mehlman, who wrote "The Implant" and "The Yada Yada" episodes, is irked by the casual deployment of his best lines. "Coors Light, their commercials to me are like the lowest ebb," says Mehlman. "The way they use [the spectacular line] is so disgusting." He continues, "It makes you wonder about just how incredibly lazy ad writers have gotten. 'Use a Seinfeld thing! Let them write it!' That's 13 years ago that I wrote that episode."

"The genesis of a Seinfeld episode": a 1995 interview with Mehlman in Playback magazine.