That word'll get you 78 in Scrabble

An HBR excerpt from Thomas Davenport's new book tells us "Why Office Design Matters" to companies employing knowlege workers.

    "... organizations need to provide [knowlege workers] with the ability to work and be productive outside of their offices. The most obvious instantiation of mobile work environments is the laptop computer, but there are others—for example, access to physical work artifacts such as books and files, the ability to use telephones, computers, and messaging technologies while traveling."

Two things concern me with this paragraph - the use of the intelligent-sounding but wholly unnecessary word "insantiation" - and the phrase "...access to physical work artifacts such as books and files..."

Artifacts. Great. What's wrong with "items"?

Still, I guess books and files are on the way out, if all the proponents of the paperless office are to be believed.

Then again, we all have colleagues that print out all their emails.