Tony Blair, speechifying and the first wave of punk

Tony Blair's speech to the Labour Party conference in Brighton earlier today is prompting comment -as it should, considering an ongoing leadership insurgency lurks in the background. For us public relations types with a serious politics jones, it's the little details that get us all excited: like what song was used to introduce the Prime Minister?

The Guardian's Conference Blog discusses Tony's unusual choice of a first generation punk band:

    "It was If the Kids are United by punk band Sham 69. The band were known as the real punks of the movement. The band was the "voice of the people in the first wave of British punk" and introduced football chant-style lyrics into their songs.

    Mr Blair is in good company. Columnist and critic Garry Bushell is a huge fan of the band - he coined the phrase the "Oi!" movement for the street punk sound of bands like Sham 69 in the early 80s.

    Sham 69 gigs were notorious for fights and punch-ups, with the violence eventually leading to their demise."