Retail: Shiny Happy People

"I'm a happy worker" - that's what the button said. In an arc, around a yellow happy face. There were two people working the toy store yesterday. Only one was wearing the button. My first thought was: which one of you hates their job more? Turns out the button is a promo piece for a line of Happy Worker dolls (or is that action figure?). I wouldn't have known that, since the dolls themselves were buried on a shelf, not featured on an end cap or in the window. (Judging from the stale company website, the dolls lost their buzz about a year ago).

So- was the employee attempting to be ironic? Was he dissatisfied with his job? Or did he just have a thing for "flair"?

Oh - and this store was selling the Livestrong bracelet for $2.95 - and touting that $1 went to the Armstrong Foundation! Thanks for caring ... about your bottom line.