Beastie Boys channel Marilyn McCoo?

The Beastie Boys' new compilation, Solid Gold Hits, drops November 8 in celebration of their 24th anniversary together.

In 1981, my music preferences were very much A/C: Kim Carnes, Soft Cell and Air Supply. And a little Diana Ross/Lionel Richie "Endless Love." It would take another three years for me to hear The Specials' "Ghost Town." And another five to hear the Beastie's "Brass Monkey".

What could have contaminated my mind in such a horrid manner? My weekly dose of disco and pop music: Solid Gold. Who could forget the stilted intros and throws from Dionne Warwick? The addled ramblings of Andy Gibb? Or the shoutouts from the dancers?

What a brand! There was the board game! Resurrecting the career Wayland Flowers's puppet, Madame! All the spin-off exercise videos!

Long before blogs and The Onion, a much simpler folk had to stand by the mailbox, waiting for the delivery of their monthly National Lampoon magazine to have their minds poisoned by satirical jabs at popular culture icons. For instance, take a look at the Lampoon's "Golden Heat: My Life as a Solid Gold Dancer."

Hmmm. Teri Hatcher's 1982 graduating class named her the most likely to become a Solid Gold Dancer.