"I Love Your Work" - but my producer's the devil


"I Love Your Work" is the latest indie movie from writer/director Adam Goldberg - otherwise known as Eddie, the crazy roommate from Friends. On KCRW's The Business, Goldberg describes the nervewracking two year fight for the ownership and release of his film after one of his original backers goes bankrupt.

He's witty and insightful while agonizing over the "faustian deal" that resulted in his independent work falling under the control of Canadian media conglomerate CanWest. Lord knows most of my media diet is under their control, what with their nation-wide print and television holdings.

It took a year of "autodidactic entertainment law school" for Goldberg to finally identify an "out" of the deal (spoiler: it involves Christina Ricci threatening to keep her name off the film).

A blogging angle can be found in this tale: some of the initial financing came from a company called Cyan Pictures, who apparently negotiated the right to have a blogger write from on set.

As Goldberg told the Hollywood Reporter:

    "...but I had to let this blogger come to the set and basically blog, which I nixed the second I saw the first blog go up, which just focused so much about how much Giovanni (and I) smoked that I was just like, 'You know, this is silly.'"

An added feature to the KCRW adiostream/podcast: a lengthy piece on the trials and tribulations of the entertainment reporters exiled to shouting inane questions from behind the velvet rope on LA's many red carpets.