Northern Soul: the beat of the working class

Great compilation of Northern Soul interviews and tracks courtesy of "Divisive Cotton". Includes a Radio 4 documentary about the Northern Soul scene as well as other highlights.

What is Northern Soul?

    "Imagine a raw sounding variant of Tamla Motown music, speed it up slightly, and then play it at a number of obscure venues in the midlands and north of England, and there you have it. ...

    The style of dancing on the Northern Soul scene has to be seen to be believed. The pace of the music is up-tempo, so the dance moves that go with it incorporate lots of spins, twists, and sliding (this is aided by the use of talcum powder sprinkled on the floor). ...

    Ever since the glory years of the 1970's, the Northern Soul all-nighter scene has been home to a unique collective of musical fanatics."(Soulies)