TIVO Advertising Search: the killer app?


Stan Merkel Street Performer "This means I won't miss another beer commercial with hot chicks in thongs - ever!"

Christ. The news release from TIVO announcing their upcoming commercial search capability has more quotes from more people than a multi-level government funding announcement for a new children's hospital in a rural area. I should know. I write those for a living.

The nub of the announcement? "TiVo subscribers, if they choose to use the search capability, will retain control over their viewing experience through the creation of a viewer contributed profile via the set-top box that will enable them to receive advertisements based on their interests."

I will love to see the accumulated data for favourite searches - when they're available. That information will kick a lot of television-dependent advertisers in the teeth. Some of those marketing folks will look like the Hanson Brothers after meeting up with Ogie Ogilthorpe. Actual permission-based information on advertising preferences? Fantastic!

Want to take a guess at possible favourite ads among the general television viewing audience? Beer ads. Foreign Beer ads. Soda pop ads with Diddy in them. Doritos ads with Ali Larter. Nike ads - but only if they start featuring hot Olympians again. Or the new members of the LPGA. Oh - and anything with Martha or Oprah.

And since we're still talking about early adopters with PVRs here - any Apple ad.

Will there be an option for "ads with Jessica Alba in them"?

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