How much is that mullet in the window?

The link between mullets, retail design and Germany's World Cup 2006? To begin, the lede to an article on retail design in a recent issue of Retail Week (sub. req.):

    "A brief trip to Germany last week showed that the country remains the spiritual home of the mullet - a little piece of the late 1970s in barnet terms. Although Germany is the engine room of the European economy, many of its shops suffer from the same syndrome as its hairstyles - they are all a tad behind the times."

Exaggeration, you say? Why don't we let an opinon piece from Deutsche Welle continue the discussion? Marc Young has some concerns about Germany's plans for World Cup 2006:

    "... Which brings me to Goleo, a mustard-colored, mulleted lion recently presented as the World Cup's next official mascot. Looking like a furry version of a member of the German rock band the Scorpions, he will do little to update the world's preconceptions of what German soccer fans look like."