Audibile's new campaign is mean to child literacy

I'd just like to throw a shout-out to Audble for their new promo campaign: Don't Read. It's a horrible idea, and I have to wonder whether the creatives who thought it up secretly feel some shame everytime they sit down, bedside, to read a book to their kids. It misappropriates the American Library Association's long-standing "Read" campaign to push the Audible service. There's nothing like taking a well-intentioned and well-respected public service campaign, and stomping all over it for commercial gain.

I can't quite decide if this is a weak attempt to generate interest by drawing upon our shared memory of the ALA campaign materials, or is it meant as an attempt at po-mo irony?

Or, in the most ironic twist of all, do the copywriters who thought up the campaign actually want to discourage people from reading?

Congratulations, The campaign comes across as poorly intentioned and intellectually lazy. Is there no better selling point for audio books? Or did you just have something more fascinating to do than actually be creative? Let me guess - the XBox 360 came in early?

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