Brandweek's opinions about marketing in 2005 ... and blogs

Out yesterday, BrandWeek's "Best and Worst Marketing Ideas of 2005."

    "Hit: KFC’s 99-cent chicken Snacker sandwiches. Launched in March, they scored as the best sandwich launch in the chain’s history."

I have to think that any major restaurant chain could launch a 99-cent sandwich and see immediate take-up. KFC's sales weren't prompted by additional flavour attributes: they were driven by the value proposition. This is not a case of admen moving product or masterful brand management.

Oh yeah - BrandWeek also doesn't like blogs.

    "BLOGS: Blogs provide almost no new information. They’re frequently inaccurate. They contribute to the hysterical polarization of our nation’s political discourse. And they’re often written by people who can’t, you know, write. So naturally marketers have flocked to associate their brands with them. Seriously, it’s not entirely clear why so many marketers have rushed to get themselves name-dropped in one of the most unreliable media environments yet invented, but we’re sure there’s a PowerPoint presentation on their ROI being prepared as we write this.

Inaccurate? Sure. Hysterical polarization? Maybe. Unreliable, huh? I'll cop to that.

Nevertheless, with that one paragraph, BrandWeek really comes down on the side of crotchety old-school admen in the ongoing debate about the impact of online media.

And I really think they've got it wrong about TiVo Ad Search. Go see for yourself (hint: "expect to see more TV spots to look like infomercials"), and compare to my recent post on TiVo Ad Search.

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