Want your neighbour advertising with Adwords on your blog?

Adwords. Bloggers don't mind running Adwords alonside their text because the Google program usually produces national-level text ads or extremely targeted text ads that complement your content. But what if Google signed up with Pennysaver, the international chain of free weeklies that specializes in very cheap and very temporary local classified ads? That may just be in the works:

"...The companies also are talking about running a "bid-for-print" advertising test between PennySaverUSA.com's parent Harte Hanks and Google. Under the deal, Google also could end up training sales reps at the "shopper" publications to sell AdWords to offline merchants that Google otherwise would have a hard time reaching ..." (News.Com Google Blog)

All those half respectable ads could be replaced by geo-targeted classified notices. Bake sales. Charity Runs. Car Parts. Lost Pets and/or Children. Blood Drives. Your neighbour selling his old fridge.

That would really drag down the perceived value of your blog, wouldn't it? Ads like the ones below showing up alongside your blog?

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