Does your industry dynamic obscure your client focus?

Inside the fishbowl. Inside the beltway. Myopic. With blinkers on. Inside baseball. Sometimes pigheaded. Maybe a tad close-minded. That's slightly exaggerated, but Andrew Cracknell, formerly of Bates, makes the point that advertising agencies can sometimes lose track of the real people they're trying to reach. The point stands for public relations types as well.

"... But I was always depressed at how, over the coffee and biscuits before a meeting, the agency and client people could chat together about their kids and holidays, Saturday's match, their hopes and fears, and the instant the meeting started, revert to their rearranged postures that had so little to do with the real people they'd been just a few moments before.

Trying to stay slightly more on the edge of the cult, and getting more in touch with your real side, while being a little less dismissive of the man on the Clapham omnibus' view of ads are all virtues I could have benefited from." (Campaign, via TMCNet)

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