Floating Fords

Ford's Floating MondeoThe new ads for the Ford Mondeo feature car owners setting their old cars adrift with helium balloons. Creative Review not only interviews special effects shop Asylum about the ad, it offers up a "making of the commercial" film. If you haven't seen the commercial (which has run across Europe), it's available online. Ogilvy, Bikini Films and Asylum show a whimsical portrayal of how Britons get rid of their old cars: by setting them free to float with the tradewinds.

Sort of like the smokestacks of Sudbury.

I'd really like to get my hands on the carbon fibre Ford replicas custom molded by Asylum: they would be fantastic props for any number of pranks.

"...And finally, we created a helium-filled car that could float on its own. This was made by vac-forming Styrofoam over tools that had been machined by CNC. The car body parts were then glued together and a foil bag to hold the helium was fitted inside the “car” which was then painted in a water-based paint. This car was the lightest of all our cars at only 4.5kg."

I think the agencies lost a real opportunity by not backing their fantastic special effects work with Christopher Cross' "Sailing." Or maybe his fantastic duet with Michael McDonald: "Ride Like the Wind."

Oh, sorry. That's what an American agency would do.