the fourth wall comes tumbling down

As communicators, public relations types, flacks, marketers ... do you remember the moment in your youth when you realized that the wonderful smörgåsbord of media did not just fall into your lap for your consumption and enjoyment? I mean, when did the fourth wall fall down for you? When did you realize that vast armies of writers, composers, directors, producers and broadcasters were manipulating every moment of the music, film and cartoons you were sucking through your greedy little eyes and ears?

This was it for me:

Bob: "This is where the D.J. talks. Don't say anything!"

Doug: "Okay, eh!"

That, of course, is the opening line to Bob and Doug MacKenzie's "Take Off!"

After that revelation, it was all downhill. You mean there's a reason why most pop hits are less than two and a half minutes long? My favourite sitcom is only 22 minutes long? Radio tease? What's that?