I am, in no way, Peter Pan

I've been searching around for a new suit lately, mostly online. I was contemplating an updated look, but it looks like I'll have to continue in my preppy ways, because the men's fashions being prepared for next spring are, ummm, quirky. I offer, as support, a review of a recent Milan fashion show - Looking like a Billion Bucks - found in the New York Times. It's behind a subscriber firewall now, but has been reproduced on a different blog.

"... Peter Pan seems to be the ideal man. How, for example, do you rationalize the success of Thom Browne, who won a men’s wear award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2006 and who was recently hired by Brooks Brothers to help revamp the brand?

You can’t argue with the influence Mr. Browne’s clothes have had on the industry, although he was surely not the first to make suits that suggested a Pee-wee Herman romp along Savile Row. At a garden party ... Euan Rellie ... is seen wearing a Thom Browne suit that has all of that designer’s trademark details: cropped jacket piped at the collar, lapel, hem and pocket; shirttails left hanging; bow tie.

A caption identifies Mr. Rellie as an investment banker, ... Yet far from embodying a model of fiscal authority or contemporary chic, Mr. Rellie comes across in the picture as the man hired by the caterers to make balloon animals."

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