Alternative Paper turns to blog to report bridge collapse

When the I-35 bridge collapsed last week, the local alternative newspaper City Pages had already printed its weekly edition. The editors, journalists and photographers turned to their existing blog to report on the disaster. AAN.ORG interviewed Editor in Chief Kevin Hoffman. Here are some excerpts:

What advantages did the blog medium offer your staffers in developing this story?

"Alternative weeklies have historically been at a disadvantage in covering breaking news, because of the delayed publication schedule. But with the Internet, that’s changing. The blog allowed us to file stories in real time, as it was happening ...

How have you publicized this blog to the community?

We haven’t really had to publicize it. We have a very web savvy audience, and a fairly high Google ranking, so it was more a matter of providing fresh content throughout the day for people to read. Links from other blogs sent traffic to us, and readers even began digging through our archives, finding new relevance in old stories about our transportation infrastructure."