Algonquin College looks at Facebook all cockeyed

Algonquin College is a local community college with some reputation for an innovative new media program. Which makes the news that college administrators have "suggested" instructors not "friend" students all the stranger. The note I've pasted below is unattributed, so I'm willing to withdraw it if challenged. But if it's true, what was the motivation? Too many college instructors found wasted at keggers?

Even more damaging - the assertion that students are not "peers." This from a college that encourages several professional development programs and career advancement courses?

"In order to maintain a professional working relationship at the college, with all students, it has been suggested that Profs not accept Facebook friendship requests from current students. Any current Facebook friendships should be terminated. However, once students have graduated, and become peers, then Facebook friendships can be restored."

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