Toll booths, plates and hammers

It's tough being a small alternative paper. You have to be edgy. You have to be insightful. Sometimes, you have to fill a big news hole:

"...On Thursday, August 9, at 4:35 p.m., my Corolla came rumbling over the horizon of the causeway. Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries — the music that accompanies the napalming mission in Apocalypse Now — blared at full volume from the open windows. A small stack of dinner plates and a large claw hammer sat at my side. When I pulled up to the attendant, I waved a dollar bill in time with the ear-splitting German music and smashed the pile of plates into smithereens. White porcelain chips flew out of the car, striking the wall of the tollbooth ..." (Miami New Times)

That's from "For Whom the Hell Tolls:What's it take to get a tollbooth attendant to crack? We wish we knew." [tags] toll booth, Corolla, alternative news, newsweekly [/tags]