Sweet, sweet retail honey

Ahh. The joys of retail marketing and management. Customer flow through. Seasonal promotions. Retail merchandising. Customer service in a retail environment. Andrew at Northern Planner has a wonderful post brimming with notes, observations and comments about the retail environment.

I've picked out on of the more boring observations, if only because it touched on my behaviour just yesterday:

"...People always pick up books and feel them in book shops..."

Reasons why I pick up books in bookshops:

  • to check the price.
  • to measure the heft-to-price ratio.
  • to check for promotional blurbs.
  • to check for promotional blurbs from people I actually respect.
  • to look for colour pictures in the middle pages.
  • to keep the clerk from asking "can I help you?"
  • to check for overspacing - who wants to buy a short story stretched into a longer book?
  • are there footnotes? I like footnotes.
  • to randomly sample the text. I'm not fond of too many "ten dollar words".
  • to check the author's name - and google the book for reviews on my blackberry.
  • what's the paper weight? A thirty dollar book should have good paperstock.
  • what's the table of contents look like? More than one idea?
  • because the book next to it was interesting, and it may have absorbed interestingness by osmosis
  • NOT because it's on a clerk's recommended list
  • shiny colourful cover is hypnotizing me!

Do you notice what's missing? Any mention of stickers, promotional posters, "best of" lists and "as featured on Oprah" displays.

As for discounts - whose purchasing decision in a bookstore is influenced by a 20% off discount? [tags] books, retail, book shop, book store, observation [/tags]