My family goes way back with flavour modification

Sixty years ago, my grandfather was writing articles for magazines like Canadian Business and Saturday Night magazine. Here's an excerpt from a 1947 article titled "It gives Steaks a Lift!" - a report on the new miracle flavour enhancer, monosodium glutamate:

"... It is not likely that M.S.G. will become a standard household commodity. For one thing, it is still expensive. For another, the average family does not consume enough separate foods to warrant paying any special attention to the individual flavors.

But where food is prepared for a couple of hundred people at a time, and where numerous vegetables and seasoning agents go into each dish, M.S.G. is a decided asset. And even the housewife may eventually adopt it in some small measure ..."

I have three observations:

  1. Oh, to have been a public relations man in a time when every new chemical was seen as a testament to the ingenuity of mankind;
  2. "the average family does not consume enough separate foods" reflects the post-war diet, restricted by rations - and does not imagine a diet overwhelmed by fusion foods; and
  3. the explicit belief that corporations are trustworthy and always working to better the lives of families and housewives - certainly not the case today, is it?

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