Furthermore - where the conversation starts to go really wrong

Strumpette is being replaced by Furthermore. Like Eric, I had mixed feelings about the persona called Strumpette. There is a place in the world for effective and well-targeted satire. It's usually most influential when focused on a particular issue or community - like Valleywag or Spy.

Satire tends to fall apart and draw criticism when it is used to further barely concealed personal vendettas, or where the level of humour and insight varies among the authors.

It has been announced that Strumpette will be replaced by a site called Furthermore. Brian Connolly, who some have argued was the puppet master behind Strumpette all along, provides this explanation for the new name:

"..."furthermore" was selected as it captures the point where a debate gets definitive. Connolly said, "It is the exact moment when the conversation concludes amicably or somebody gets punched in the nose."..."

I completely disagree. "Furthermore" is a bridge in a conversation, the point where a boring pedant continues arguing their point long after anyone else is interested or even listening. Similar bridges include:

  • "let me finish"
  • "I'll tell you"
  • "just one more point"

Every time someone has used "furthermore" in a conversation with me, they were well into a diatribe and not very interested in my point of view.

Actually, "furthermore" was usually flourished when I showed an interest in interrupting the speaker or making a point of my own.

It's a rhetorical tool used to stifle conversation, not encourage it.

Revision: I just looked at Furthermore's About page. I'm being unnecessarily polite. The concept is bullshit. Satire is fine, but when you add exaggerated masculine bravado and fight imagery, you get bullying.

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