We don't need no stinkin badger watch

What is the connection between badgers and webcams? If only I had known about the badger watch sooner, I would have had an effective and historically accurate retort to every person who questioned the entertainment value of webcams. Get your minds out of the gutter! I mean webcams circa 2000 - before countless entrepreneurs hit upon the "lonely mom, university student or flatmates with a cam" business model.

Instead, I'm talking about the coffee cam, Jersey Shore Cam, the baby hawk cam and the Hooters Cam.

The sort of online camera where you could watch for hours without anything interesting happening.

Which sounds a lot like the hobby of badger watching, which apparently has some followers in Britain. Badger watching involves sitting very still for quite a long time, waiting for badgers to appear. And when they do appear, they may just rummage around for a few minutes and then return to their burrow.

And, yet, people will pay 10 Euros for a good night of badger watching. And there I was, criticized for running a cam window in the background during work hours. Sure, it was on dial-up with per-minute access charges, but it wasn't dirty!!

By the way. This just in from the "issues and activism for everyone" desk: there is quite a controversy about badgers brewing in Britain. It seems some cattle farmers claim badgers carry bovine tuberculosis. Problem is, badgers are a protected species. Here's one comment found at the end of a Telegraph story on the dispute:

"I do have a very easy solution to the badger problem, shoot them and distribute the meat free to the elderly. There that solving 2 problems. I'm sure [Gordon] Ramsey's Kitchen can come up with a Badger menu!!Posted by Tristian ry on October 29, 2007 6:15 PM

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