Spice Girls, with commentary

Even though you're ten years older. Even thought they're all mothers. Even though you swore you would never like Britpop again. You will enjoy this alternative commentary for the new Spice Girls video, Headlines (Friendship never ends).

"...Ginger and Scary started this all grown-up and classy and wearing ballgowns. And now look at them. It's as if they've suddenly panicked. But instead of rethinking the video concept entirely, they've just whipped their tops off to reveal thereunder the M&S high-end Christmas range. (Just in case you were wondering what to get your mother.)

Of course, this begs the question: which is more 2007 Girl Power? The flesh of the desperate, or the dresses of the dignified? Oh, I've included V Becks in the dignified." (Guardian)

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