Sausages, MLB and Senator Mitchell

Senator George Mitchell's months-long investigation into the use of steroids, additives, clear and other enhancers is nearing an end, with reporters, bloggers and baseball fans eagerly expecting his report - and a long list of names.

Personally, I think baseball mascots are going to be the un-named co-conspirators in all this.

Just think about it. Heavy and poorly balanced costumes. Highly choreographed dances and 7th inning stretches. All that running up and down bleacher steps. The effective aim and discharge of hot dog and t-shirt cannons?

That's a long list of ab, calf, hammy and tricep work. Mere hours on the Bowflex won't prepare you for that sort of gruelling workday.

And don't even get me started on the Milwaukee Sausage Race. If there's anything the Tour de France has taught us, it's that the French, Germans and Spaniards will do nearly anything to win an arduous race - including blood doping! [tags] MLB, steroids, reputation management, crisis communications [/tags]

Original photo by Chad Davis