Style Council or the Jam?

Here's an incredibly personal and limited comment, which will likely only be understood by a group of friends I hung out with in the mid-80s. Chuck Thompson, the author of Smile When You're Lying: Confessions of a Rogue Travel Writer, was asked what music he would choose for a road mix to accompany specific chapters in his book. This is his note for one chapter:

"... “Headstart for Happiness” — The Style Council (video)

With a certain age group of British men, it’s possible to start a fight simply by walking into a London pub and declaring that The Style Council was in fact a better band than The Jam. (True, by the way.) [Author Thompson's] life in Japan fired [his] suicidal imagination like no other place and there were dark weekends there when only [his] discovery of Paul Weller’s new and improved incarnation pulled me through."

I think that our small group could still spend several hours debating the merits of post-punk Paul versus synth-pop Paul.

And part of that debate would centre around the proposition that Mick Talbot was Paul Weller's Yoko Ono. Discuss.

h/t again to LHB

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