Russell and Dan ... and the Best Urban Places

There will be pretty pictures. There will be enigmatic pictures. There will be badly composed pictures. But the idea is fantastic. Two minds quite capable of making the leap between diverse subjects, disciplines and concepts have cooked up a competition to identify the World's Best Urban Places and Spaces. In typical fashion, Russell Davies and Dan Hill have taken a largely critical idea (the World's Worst Urban Places and Spaces) and shined it up.

I like the idea because it is so loosely defined. Sifting through my memories of my favourite places, I can sort memories and images according to the effect of space, weather, feelings elicited by crowds, an absence of others, or my reaction to a conscious attempt by some smarty-pants architect or artist to define the place.

Here's Russell's description of the project:

"We'll leave you to interpret 'best' 'urban' 'space' and 'place' as you like. Could be anywhere or anything; bus shelters, buildings, bombsites or benches. Rather than wait until we've got enough for a book (which, of course, may never happen) we're planning instead on doing a series of pamphlets. We're going to try and persuade some top designers to do them for us. There'll be a free one as a pdf online and lovely specially printed ones for everyone who contributes and/or who'd like to buy them.

Obviously we've not really worked out all the details on that yet, but will let you know when we have.

Does that sound interesting? I think it might be. Pile in, if you'd like to."

You can find the Flickr pool they've set up, either to contribute or simply to gawk. Consider the submissions according to your own criteria, or to explode in Photoshop looking for naked ladies and other privacy violations.

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