I've got some shorties

Portland blogger discusses how to be the best faux sports journalist around. Tip #1? Don't drink in the press box. No-one tell Jim Carr or Harry Doyle. Young journalist complains about getting up at ... wait for it ... 6 am. (SPJ blogs)

"My life is begging for trailers" - from Creative Loafing Atlanta:

"...It wasn't the official Disney campsite, but one of those bargain ones owned by a chain-smoking, retired forklift operator who kept his horny dog tied to a post by the check-in window. To my sisters and me, though, it was the Taj Mahal of trailer parks. We'd lie awake under the moon in a three-way spoon, counting stars and listening to the uncharacteristically subdued murmurings of our parents. It's one of the few snapshots of immeasurable happiness from my past.

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