Wicked names of 60s garage rock bands

Wow. These guys must have really been doing hallucinogens.

"... The Shags shared stages, fans and a recording studio —Trod Nossel in Wallingford—with the likes of Bram Rigg Set, Uranus & the Five Moons, Fourth Ryke, The Wildweeds, The Bearies, The Lively Ones and the mysterious George's Boys, all of whom left behind some righteously raw singles as well as a vault of previously unreleased material ...

... Rob DeRosa remembers The Shags mania well. As a teenager, too young to vote or drink but not too young to rock, DeRosa used to follow bands like The Shags, Bram Rigg Set and The Wildweeds around. That is to say, he and his friends would be driven by their parents to places where these shaggy-haired bands were playing ..." (New Haven Advocate)