Mike Holmes shows some skin

Meet Mike Holmes. He's a contractor with a heart, who arrives to repair the mistakes and shoddy workmanship of other contractors. He's also the host of a very popular show on Home and Garden Television here in Canada. As you can see, Mike also had a clothing deal with Carhartt, the workwear company (I say had, because he now has his own branded clothing line. I said he was popular).

It's the perfect alliance - the honest and forthright contractor, sporting rough and durable work clothes.

Trouble is, Mike likes showing off the guns, so to speak. Hammering nails. Cutting boards. Gesturing wildly at the blatant code violations and stunningly dangerous modifications made by the previous contractor.

No tats. No earrings. No leather wristbands or elaborate pendants.

As the picture shows, that means a startlingly genuine character is central to his program.

And no - THAT IS NOT A SPORTS BRO.[tags] Carhartt, Mike Holes, HGTV, sponsorship, clothing [/tags]