Need a new blog name?

Here you are. Random sentences from a compilation of Lester Bangs' writing. All perfectly acceptable, if not preferable, as blog names.

  • Bog of complications
  • A Reasonable Guide to Horrible Noise
  • Rock Gommorah
  • Phony Kodachrome Nature Study
  • The Courage of My Lunacy
  • A Display of Marginally Political Unity
  • Questions and Postulations and Fantasies
  • Sneaking the odd little fingerlicking taste
  • Smug post-hippie audience
  • Aural blitzes off the phonograph
  • Partyin' with the freelance bigot
  • Big money and technicolour jackets
  • Home from school fakin flu
  • Today I am a Pud
  • Third Day of a Three Day Rock Festival
  • Never had an AM hit single
  • Not a big leg man

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