Prog rock, Debbie Gibson, the Hoff and Caruso

Three snippets from music blogs - and all pointers to longer articles that are well worth the read.

"... I have a deep love for a very specific and short period in musical history - I don’t even think it has a name. Let’s name it right now: it’s When the Prog Rockers Got Real - Just Before They Got Plastic*.

In and right around 1980, several bands from the Progressive Rock age grew up and laid off the mushrooms. The result was a tiny period of very good rock music, where technical proficiency was still central, but the massive energies in King Crimson, Genesis, Rush, and Yes were boiled down into greatness, rather than sprawled out in pomp and crapenstance ..." (Monkey X)

And this from Jeff Giles, writing at Popdose on Debbie Gibson:

"... We hear a lot about the sophomore jinx in music, and rightly so; making the jump from hit debut release to Greatest Hits, Volume 1 is a long road, and it’s got a big ol’ pothole where Album Number Two is supposed to be.

For a minute, it looked like Debbie Gibson was going to make that jump — her second album, 1989’s Electric Youth, was an even bigger hit than her debut, and since all anyone ever talked about was how Debbie wrote, produced, arranged, and played on all her songs, she seemed to have what it took to stick around for the long haul.

And then the little-known third-album jinx snuck up behind her, said “Not so fast, bitch,” and punched Debbie Gibson right in her face ..."

David Caruso is Jack Lord? Robert Cass, also at Popdose, dissects David Caruso's acting as Horatio Sanz ... no Horatio Caine:

"... But while Baywatch had beefcake mannequin David Hasselhoff as its lead actor, CSI: Miami has David Caruso, whose performance makes the show endlessly watchable. (Of course, Bruce Fretts of TV Guide said in January that Caruso is “rapidly turning into the new Hasselhoff.” Please, Bruce, don’t piss all over my thesis just yet, okay?) ..."

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