Gene Shalit is the intellectual father of twitter

Blog posts are like grade school book reviews. They're often thought up at the last minute, rely on familiar reference material, don't explore untested subjects, and have as bare a thesis as possible. Tweets, continuing with the analogy, are capsule movie reviews.

Reading through the language, form and conventions found in twitter messages, you can see that Gene Shalit, Jeffrey Lyons, Siskel and Ebert and Peter Travers were the intellectual mentors of twitter users.

Use 140 characters to win attention quickly, pass along a germ of an idea, and maybe share an opinion.

That or we all studied under the wing of masters like Yogi Berra, H.L Mencken, Dale Carnegie, Chuck Klosterman and Hunter S. Thompson - writers who taught us the value of short, witty and highly observant phrases that are usually non-sequiturs Well, maybe 20% of twitter users.

The other 80% are posting about their breakfasts, arranging hookups or promoting themselves. [tags] twitter, tweets, movie reviews, book reviews [/tags]