The four rules of blog content

There are four rules that dominate the quantity and quality of your blog content: 1: when in a rut, drive readership and SEO love by creating a numbered list; 2: the more disappointing your actual paying job, the more you will write and post. This does not mean your blog will be any better - just busier; 3: the closer the relationship between the subject of your blog and a day job you love, the better the content; and, 4: the busier your day job becomes, the less time and inclination you will find to blog.

I had an executive coach who told me that being an executive was a lot like spinning plates: you had to make sure your passel of plates continued spinning at the end of their poles, and that none hit the floor.

At the moment, I am filling two executive positions.

My office is running the danger of looking like a suburban banquet hall after a Greek wedding.