Career paths you never thought of

Ever catch yourself looking at a courtroom sketch, either in the paper or on television, and wondering "that's great work, but how much demand is there for a courthouse sketch artist?" Ironic Sans provides an overview of the work of seven artists - inside the court and out. Did you know that one courtroom sketch artist also did the storyboards for The Day After Tomorrow?

There doesn't seem to be any shortage of reporting on the work of these artists, as any Google search will reveal. Some of the comments, however, reveal that the job can driven by multiple deadlines in a day, restrictions that vary from courtroom to courthouse, and even criticism from your subjects:

"... [Maryiln] Church was sketching at the first World Trade Center bombing trial, she said, when “at one point the lawyer for one of the defendants came over to the juror’s box (where we were sitting) and said, ‘My client thinks you are drawing him looking like an angry terrorist and he resents it.’” (Columbia News Service)