You, staring at me on the bus

Hi It may appear that I am outrageously distracted. I have a book in my lap, a BlackBerry in my hands, and earbuds up top. That must be why you're staring at me.

Rest assured, I'm using my time productively, and I don't have some form of attention deficit disorder (at least not clinically diagnosed, anyway).

The book? A galley copy of Rob Walker's Buying In. All he asks is: are you the master of your consumer environment, or are you the bitch of marketers, pop psychologists and retail designers?

How did I get a copy? Here's the explanation. Should you buy it? Yes, or read several chapters for free first, then buy it.

The BlackBerry? In the thirty minutes it takes to get downtown, I've checked my morning clippings, clicked through on a Google Alert produced by my vanity search, checked a couple of work-related blogs (Hi Kady!) and sent an email to my assistant. Oh, and I sent off a half dozen or so tweets.

The earbuds? Covers of 80s songs. Jose Feliciano. Petra Haden. Ben Gibbard. Harvey Danger. Spek. And a bunch of other stuff not so lame. It's all better than the low rumble of diesel engines, the rattling of aging bus bodies and the snoring of middle-aged bureaucrats.

All in all, a very productive bus ride.

Don't think I didn't catch you sneaking a peek at your BlackBerry just as we approached downtown.

But what's the use of that? It's too late to actually respond to any emails, but early enough that you begin to worry prematurely about the workload that facing you at the end of that elevator ride up to your office. Either use the BlackBerry effectively, or don't wield it at all.

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