Drunken Debating - Next Monday

It's the return of Third Tuesday, folks. On Monday, May 5. A minority government brings uncertainty and unpredictability - even to your social calendar. Facing off will be yours truly, Brandan Hodgson, and Ryan Anderson.

The point to be debated?

"...which social media tools are most useful and which are just code looking for a reason to be..."


Monday, May 5, 2008 at 6:00 pm

Clocktower Brew Pub 575 Bank Street (downstairs) Ottawa , ON 613-233-7849

Now, I know Hodgson gets more belligerent the more he drinks, and Anderson is just a little fella, so the discussion should get more entertaining as the night gets older - and the more libations are quaffed.

And special thanks to Joe Thornley, the K'nex hub that keeps bringing us all together to talk all things social media.